In 2012, Rosie was shortlisted for the East Anglian Artist Development Prize, awarded by the Anteros Arts Foundation. In 2013, she became a member of the Norwich 20 Group, a body of over 70 professional artists. In 2019, the Group celebrated its 75th anniversary. Rosie was a prize winner at the Institute of East Anglian Artists Annual Exhibition, 2023.

Photo of a woman sitting next to a projector, drawing onto paper attached to the wall

The drawings explore the constant movement in our lives that weave into the tapestry of our sense of self. They express the joy we find in brief moments amidst the rhythm of life and the weight of the world.

Where we are from, where we live and where we are going play into our journey through life. Each experience encountered is as important as the next: they cannot be separated. The past informs the present.

Rosie draws with a pyrography wood-burning pen, searing lines onto paper or wood that promotes an economy of line that encourages non-essentials to be stripped away, allowing purity of form to be revealed.

The lines represent the permanence of life: once a thought is thought or a word spoken, it is out there.

And life changes.