Rosie Winn is an artist living in Norwich. Her drawings are celebratory and humanistic, driven by a passion to explore the place of the individual in the global community through representations of the human figure.

In her drawings, Rosie explores the constant movement in our lives that weaves into the tapestry of our sense of self. Where we are from, where we live and where we are going plays into our journey through life. The drawing expresses how we find joy in brief moments amidst the rhythm of life and the weight of the world.

Drawing with a pyrography wood-burning pen on paper, the seared lines promote an economy of line that encourages non-essentials to be stripped away, allowing purity of form to be revealed. The lines represent the permanence of life: once a thought is thought or a word spoken, it is out there. And life changes.

© Rosie Winn 2012