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Rosie Winn was born in 1984 in Norfolk and grew up in a creative household – her father is an artist and her mother a writer. Surrounded by paint and books, she began drawing at an early age. It was an activity that came naturally to her. In 2008, Rosie graduated from the University of West of England in Bristol with an upper second class BA (Hons) Drawing & Applied Arts. In March 2012, she was shortlisted for the East Anglian Artist Development Prize awarded by the Anteros Arts Foundation. In May 2012, Rosie became a member of the Norwich 20 Group.

A figurative artist, Rosie’s drawings explore the passing of time and the physical and emotional journeys we make in our lives. Her work is emotionally charged and shows the human form as powerful, yet vulnerable. Rosie presents a figure moving through time and space, by layering one movement over the next. The effect is that of an animation. Sometimes, she places the figure in the middle of the paper and creates a series of movements within from a central position. At other times, she draws a figure moving across, down or around the paper. The viewer finds him or herself drawn into the image and searching for the particular layer of each movement.

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Rosie’s style is a fusion of meticulously observed, traditional figure drawing with an elegant, contemporary slant. Her use of line is confident, clean and economical. She works on paper and wood on large and small scales and draws with pencil, ink and a wood-burning pen. This tool creates burn marks of varying sepia tones. With the line burned into the paper, it is a technique that forces her to be precise. It is known as Pyrography – this is the art of decorating materials, such as wood or paper – with burn marks resulting from the controlled application of a heated object.

Rosie is available for public and private commissions.


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